Quick Response Codes or ‘QR Codes’ are matrix bar codes that when scanned by a smartphone can interact with the device to share something with the user.

QR codes can be used to:

- Display text - Display a web page
- Display a phone number - Auto-populate a text message
- Auto- populate an email message - Add contact info to an address book
- Add an event to a calendar - Launch Google Maps
- Login to a Wifi network - Launch a YouTube video

QR codes are a quick way to bring your print audience online and engage them in your brand. Print generally has a shorter life span in front of a customer, but with a QR code it can become a stepping stone to building an ongoing relationship.

Direct your QR code to a place that your audience can make a real connection with you:

- A survey - Newsletter sign up
- Twitter - Facebook Fan Page
- LinkedIn Personal or Company profile - Foursquare Check in
- Review site - Blog with comment section
- Entry for a contest - vCard download

Now you have a way to communicate directly to your customer on an ongoing basis

Who can scan a QR Code?

Anyone equipped with a Smartphone with a built in camera and scanning application.
It is worthwhile to note that not all scanning apps are created equal; they cannot all scan all codes. Text and URLs (ideally shortened URLs) are the most universal options.

How do I know if a QR code is being used?

By tracking all traffic that successfully scans your QR code and reaches your destination URL.
You can also track conversions; how many newsletter sign ups, contest entries, follows or fans are captured.

How can Gilmore Marketing and Social eMotion help?

We can create personalized and custom QR codes, design mobile friendly landing pages, track and report on your traffic and even send data driven replies to users immediately.


14 Million Americans Scanned QR or Bar Codes on their Mobile Phones in June 2011

32 percent of Smartphone users surveyed said they’ve used a QR code.

The study found that a mobile user that scanned a QR code during the month was more likely to be male (60.5 % of code scanning audience), skew toward ages 18-34 (53.4 %) and have a household income of $100k or above (36.1 %).

What Do Consumers Want When They Scan QR Codes?

“Results demonstrate that consumers are embracing the mobile marketing tactic, and even those who haven’t used QR codes are interested in engaging with them – for a variety of motivators that marketers should pay attention to.”

Source: comScore August 12, 2011 http://bit.ly/p7HMWH

Where would I put a QR code?

-       On a brochure
–       On your trade show booth
–       On direct mail
–       On your envelopes
–       On a POS item
–       On product packaging
–       On your business cards
–       On your door/window
–       On your product
–       On an ad
–       On a photo image
–       On invoices
–       On a poster / billboard
–       On product Specs
–       On manuals or textbooks

To drive users to -

-       Contests
–       Surveys
–       Newsletter
–       Coupons
–       Special offers
–       Twitter
–       Facebook
–       LinkedIn
–       RSS Feed
–       Website

Why is my website listed last?

The goal is to engage your customer and open ongoing lines of communication, if your website does that, great – if not then consider directing them to an interactive landing page that does. We can drop them off at your site afterwards.
You want visitors to confirm they are a qualified lead, provide their contact information and permission to contact them. If your site doesn’t do that automatically we can build it in to your QR code campaign.

Sample QR Code Program

A standard QR code on any printed material (print job quoted separately)
Mobile friendly survey
– Have you tried our service/product before?
– Would you like more information/demo/sample?
– Best email/phone/address to reach you?
Submission redirect to your website
Monthly list of survey responses with contact info
Monthly stats on traffic volume versus conversion


You can enhance your QR code program with the following options:
– Personalized landing URLs with targeted content, personal addressing (PURLs)
– Multiple QR codes (to track traffic from multiple sources)
– Customized artistic QR codes
– Integrated graphic images
– Live reporting access
– Scheduled QR code redirection (special promotions, seasonal offers)
– Data driven responses sent to your subscribers immediately Eg a welcome email, newsletter, coupon, etc.

Contact SocialMedia@Doculink.com for a quote on your custom QR code program.

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